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Welcome Box

New Shahada Welcome Box

Are you a new Muslim in the U.S?

We would like to send you a Welcome Box for FREE.

 This box contains some basic Islamic items and information.

(Items may Vary)

1- Qur'aan
2- Prayer Rug
3- Fortress of The Muslim
4- Basic books on Wudu, Prayer and Islam
5- Basic Book of Seerah of 
the Prophet (s) 
6- Miswak & Oil (perfume) 
7- Koofi or Headscarf (hijab)


New Muslim Shahada Box

How to order?

Write us at and include in the Subject : Welcome Box.
Please give us your name, address and if you need a female or male box. Allow us 7 business days to get your "Welcome Box" ready and shipped directly to you. Or simply send us a message on Facebook "Nafsin Wahida" with the same information.

Let us know if you need Islamic material in Spanish.


 Sponsoring a Box

Would you like to gain the reward of helping us to assemble these Welcome Boxes? You can do so by donating brand new items listed above or by sponsoring a box for $25, it will cover all the material that is included plus the shipping costs. You can click "SHOP" and purchase a "New Shahada Welcome Box" via our website. Or you can mail us a Check/Money Order:

Nafsin Wahida

PO BOX 380093

Brooklyn, NY 11238

Please include your name so we know who is sponsoring the box directly.

Thank You

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