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Fatimah A. Rahman

Drug and Substance Abuse Counselor

Fatimah A. Rahman has had several careers, including working as an Administrative Assistant with the United Nations, she has owned her own tailoring business, and was a stay-at-home mother before she began her career as a counselor in the field of Substance Abuse.  Over almost three decades, Fatimah has worked with individuals, families and children who have been afflicted by the scourge of alcohol, drugs, mental illness, abuse, and other related social ills.  She is deeply passionate about working with children as this is where she finds the greatest necessity, as she is keenly aware of the challenges they face from society, and its insidious effects on the family, community, and society.

Fatimah is currently writing a book about parenting, and her Facebook page is called Parenting is Planning.  You can message or contact her with your queries, or request a consultation

at or 516-659-2619.

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