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Inheritance Package

Have you ever thought of what could happen after your death?

How your money and assets will be divided?

People are often busy with what happens in their life, but what about after their death?

We offer this unique service of Wills and the last testament, trusts, funeral and burial. As a Certified Inheritance Distributor (CID). I will help in the preparation of legal documents so that in the event of your death, the distribution of your estate will be given to the proper heirs. This will give you peace of mind ensuring that no Heir is left out and that your last actions were done in accordance with the Shariah. Living in Non-Muslim countries you find many people are not aware that Islam has a detailed Inheritance system and that it is an obligation on the community for someone to learn this science and be available to the people

This package is two parts:

1- The Wasiyyah (Islamic Will) you will receive a Layout (by email or postal) which will help guide you in writing your Will* after you have completed that you will send it back to me and I will revise it and contact you with any improvements. Once revised and completed we will print out an official copy, with a space below so that you can get it notarized making it a legal document. This will ensure that your final requests are executed. 

*Click on the tab "Writting a Will" to learn more.

2- The Farai'd (The Inheritance) we will contact you and get the names of all the Heirs (those entitled to Inherit) and write up a case for you. This way there is no confusion as to who is entitled to receive and how much each surviving heir will receive. 

Once both documents are complete you will receive a copy of it by email to ensure all names are spelled correctly and then we will officially send out your package in the Mail which you will receive in 3-5 Business days. 

How To Request a Package?

Send us an Email. In the subject write "Inheritance Package". In the body of the email please give us  your Name, mailing address and a number that we may reach you by. We will contact you within 7 days to get all the necessary information to begin writing up your individual inheritance case. You will also receive a confirmation email and number within 24 hrs ensuring that we have received your request.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

This service costs $99 for individual cases, two or more is requested (in the case of spouses) then there is a discount and the service is only $75.00 each. Students who are currently enrolled in school get a special price of just $60.00

How is Payment Received?

We accept payment through PayPal, Checks or Money Orders. 

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