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Due to Covid-19, we have received triple the amount of orders in the United States and INTERNATIONALLY.  Unfortunately, we have to turn down a lot of international orders because the shipping is too expensive. But those who can sponsor the shipping costs for us will make it possible for us to send it anywhere in the world.



Nafsin Wahida is offering FREE gift boxes for our new Muslim brothers and sisters. Please support our Dawah efforts by sponsoring a box!


The items included in the box :


- Persian Prayer Rug

- English translation of the Holy Qur'aan

- Fortress of the Muslim

- Basic books of Wudu, Prayer, & Islam

- Basic book of the biography of Prophet Muhammad (saw)

- Miswak & Oil

- Womans Headscarf/Pins or Male Scarf/Kufi

- List of Masjids in the area


Some items might slightly vary depending on our stock.


Thank you for supporting our efforts.

Sponsor- International Shipping for Shahada Box

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